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School Catchment Areas: Instructions for using the interactive maps

Clicking on the link below will take you to the interactive mapping service for Aberdeen City Council. Here are some brief instructions to assist in the use of this tool.

  • Enter address or postcode in to "Find It Address Search". Click on search and the map will zoom to your chosen address and drop a map pin on the location. You will be offered a selection of house numbers in the results box below the search line. Please double click on your number to zoom and drop the pin on map at your location:

    Find it address search bar


  • Below the Search Tool there are 4 Buttons (Home Button, Information Button, Layers Selector , Refresh):

  GIS icons: Home, Local Information, Layers Selector , Refresh

  • Click on the " i " button. A selection of information appears below the buttons (Bus Stops, Councillors etc)
  • Clicking on the School Primary Catchment line will then display the name of the primary school to which that address is zoned.
  • Clicking on the Primary school name will cause the map to zoom out to display the complete zone for this primary school.
  • Clicking on the School Academy Catchment line will show the name of the zoned secondary for your chosen address.
  • To carry out a new search click on the refresh button.

Go to the maps: