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Lifetime Costs Comparison Kincorth & Torry Academies v New Provision

The Local Government in Scotland Act 2003, section 1 sets out a duty where a local authority is expected to demonstrate in fulfilment of a series of obligations placed upon it. One such is the duty to secure best value by continuous improvement in performance of the authority's functions, while maintaining an appropriate balance between quality and cost and having regard to economy, efficiency, effectiveness, equal opportunities and the achievement of sustainable development.

Aberdeen City Council have carried out a comparison of the whole life costs involved in retaining the two schools or amalgamating the schools on a single site has been undertaken.

The total costs associated with schools is a combination of salaries and wages and costs related to consumables, rates, energy costs, cleaning, grounds maintenance, transport, tenants repairs, waste management, life cycle replacements, furniture/fittings replacement, supplies & services, administration costs and ICT replacement costs.

The total full year costs based on existing pupil data for the retaining the two schools and for the combined replacement school can be viewed using the links below.
Projected costs beyond this date will be dependent upon pupil numbers.

Comparison Data


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