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Bramble Brae and Quarryhill HMIE Inspections

Education Scotland (HMIE) Inspections and Reports

Education Scotland (formerly HMIE) aims to promote improvement in primary schools and successful innovation that enhances learners' experiences.

Their inspectors focus on the quality of children's learning and achievement. They have a particular interest in how the school is developing children's skills and understanding in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing.

They evaluate the school's capacity to improve and answer the following questions.
How well do children learn and achieve?
How well does the school support children to develop and learn?
How well does the school improve the quality of its work?

In providing answers to these questions, inspectors use quality indicators from How good is our school?' to support evaluations and provide information on how the school can improve. We also indicate any continuing engagement  activities.

Below are links to reports published on the Education Scotland web site

Bramble Brae



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