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Disabled Parking Spaces Consultation: Area 14




Aberdeen City Council proposes to make the above-named order in terms of its powers under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and its duties under the Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009.

The effect of the order is to make all existing advisory disabled person on-street parking places listed in the schedule below regulatory in accordance with the requirements of the Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009. To that extent, the Order will be to make it an offence for anyone to park in a marked disabled persons’ bay unless they are a holder of a valid blue badge and are using it in accordance with the national blue badge legislation. The existing parking place will be reserved for the exclusive use of any blue badge holder and will be re-lined and signed. A list of all existing parking places affected are detailed in the schedule below and can be found on the Council’s website,, in all local libraries, and community centres.

The draft order, together with a schedule showing the intended measures and an accompanying statement of the Council's reasons for promoting them, may be examined during normal office hours on weekdays between 11 April and 2 May 2012, in the offices of the roads officials in the Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure department, at 74-76 Spring Garden, Aberdeen. It is recommended that anyone visiting Spring Garden to view any of the documents should make an appointment to do so, in order that a member of staff can be present to offer an explanation if necessary. Anyone unable to visit Spring Garden can telephone (01224 538069) to speak to one of the officials.

Anyone wishing to object to the proposed order should send details of the grounds for objection, including their name and address, in writing to the undersigned or to during the statutory objection period which also runs from 11 April to 2 May 2012, inclusively.

Any person who submits an objection to a road traffic order should be aware that any objection made will be available to members of the Committee, available for inspection by members of the public, distributed to the press, and will form part of the agenda pack which is available on the Council’s website. To that extent, however, they are redacted, with e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and signatures removed from this correspondence.

Jane MacEachran, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, Aberdeen City Council, Town House, ABERDEEN


Alexander Drive (1) - Auchinleck Crescent (3) - Auchinleck Road (2) - Balgownie Brae (1) - Balgownie Way (3) - Beattie Place (1) - Bedford Avenue (4) - Coull Gardens (1) - Deer Road (3) - Denmore Gardens (2) - Don Street (1) - Don Street (1) - Don Street (1) - Donbank Place (1) - Erskine Street (2) - Hayfield Crescent (1) - Hayton Road (2) - Hilton Drive (5) - Hilton Road (5) - Hilton Street (2) - Hilton Terrace (2) - Hilton Walk (1) - Laurelwood Avenue (2) - Laurelwood Avenue (2) - Leslie Terrace (2) - Pennan Road (3) - Powis Circle (1) - Printfield Walk (2) - Queen Street (1) - Sandilands Drive (2) - Wavell Crescent (2) - Western Road (4) - Cadenhead Place (2) - Cadenhead Road (1) - Cairnfold Road (2) - Carnie Drive (3) - Cattofield Place (8) - Chestnut Row (2) - Chestnut Row (1) - Coningham Gardens (4) - Coningham Terrace (1) - Ferrier Crescent (2) - Ferrier Gardens (2) - Formartine Road (2) - Fowlershill Gardens (1) - Fraser Road (1) - Froghall Avenue (2) - Froghall Terrace (2) - Gillespie Place (1) - Gladstone Place (2) - Lilybank Place (1) - Marquis Road (1) - Stafford Street (2) - Sunnybank Place (2) - Tarbothill Road (2)

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