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Rosemount Bus Network Consultation Questionnaire September 2008 - ARCHIVE, CONSULTATION CLOSED

In April 2008, First Aberdeen revised their bus network which led to the removal of service 22.  This service linked Mastrick directly into Rosemount and on to Broad Street and Union Street.  Service 3 now links Mastrick, Rosemount, Union Terrace and Bridge Street.  We are aware of concerns from the local community that long standing links upon which the local economy have built up around are no longer present.

Options for going forward

The Council seeks the views of all residents within the Rosemount area in order to form a view on what we should progress with First Aberdeen.


We have developed a questionnaire which will give all residents an opportunity to present their views on the public transport issues within the area.

Once we have received and processed the questionnaires we will work with the Community Council, local Councillors and any individual or stakeholder who wants to be involved in developing options for progressing.  There may be opportunities for a public meeting or drop in sessions within the area during October 2008, once we have established the views of the community these may be put in place.

You will be advised of the outcome of this process in October 2008.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. 

Please return the completed questionnaire by Tuesday 30th September 2008.

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