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Wellington Road/Souter Head Road Junction Improvement - Option 01 Bookings and lettings consultation (CLOSED, ARCHIVE CONSULTATION)


Option 1


This option includes the replacement of the existing roundabout with a new signal controlled junction where Langdykes Road and Wellington Circle currently meet the A956 Wellington Road.

The west end of Souter Head Road will be diverted to the north to meet the A956 Wellington Road at a new signal controlled junction.

The route for vehicular access to the Thistle hotel on Souter Head Road will also need to be changed.


The main change to the landscape in this option is the diversion of the west end of Souter Head Road. This will involve the removal of part of the existing consumption dyke and the clearance of trees from part of the area of woodland on the north side of the dyke, to allow the road to pass through. This is necessary to provide separation between the new Souter Head Road junction and the junction at Landykes Road and Wellington Circle, to provide increased capacity for traffic.

To compensate for the impact of the new section of road, it is proposed that stones from the part of the consumption dyke removed for the new construction will be used to replenish and reshape the remaining parts which are in a state of disrepair. When the new section of road begins to operate, the closed off section of Souter Head Road will be removed and the area used not only to maintain pedestrian access but also to increase the landscaping and perhaps provide an improved amenity area focused around the consumption dyke.

The connection of Langdykes Road and Wellington Circle to the A956 Wellington Road will remain at the same location, but will be changed from the existing roundabout to a new traffic signal controlled cross roads junction.

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