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Tree for Every Citizen Phase 2 Consultation - CONSULTATION CLOSED

The Tree for Every Resident Project, started in 2009/10, is being delivered on a cost neutral basis.

Phase I tree planting operations have been successfully completed across the eight sites (Inverdee Pitches, Westfield Park, St Fitticks Park, Greenfern, Balgownie Drive, Abbotswells, Seaton and Lochinch Farm). A total of some 87,000 trees have been planted,

Phase 2 will comprise the planting of a further approximately 90,000-100,000 trees across a number of sites. As for Phase I this would be funded through external public and private sector grant funding sources, principally through the Scottish Government's Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) with match funding from Aberdeen Greenspace, and contributions from local businesses along with some of their staff volunteering time. The maintenance of the trees for the first three years is included in the grant funding. After that time the trees should be well established and require minimal maintenance before they start generating income.

This will ensure that the project continues to be delivered on a cost neutral basis to Aberdeen City Council.

Six sites have been identified for planting in Phase 2. The site at Danestone was originally to be planted in early 2010 but with the delays in planting due to the snowy weather this was not achieved and so has been moved into the second phase.

The areas indicated on the plans show the proposed areas for planting and the mix of species that will be used. Where necessary some sites will require rabbit fencing to minimise damage from rabbits, but where there are existing desire line paths these will be retained and mowed during the summer season.

If you would like to comment on these proposals or would like further information please contact Richard Nicholson (Arboriculture Officer) at or Ian Talboys (Countryside Officer) at by 28 January 2011.

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