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Draft Housing Land Audit 2011 - CONSULTATION CLOSED

Housing Land Audit 2011: Consultative Draft

Please note, there has been a revision to this document as of 19 May 2011.

Each year Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils carry out an Audit to determine the extent and status of the housing land supply in the area.  We now have a draft Housing Land Audit 2011, and would like to invite you to comment on it as part of an extensive consultation process, which involves a range of stakeholders.

The consultation period for the draft Audit ends on Friday 3 June 2011.  Please ensure that all comments you wish to make are received by that date.  Agreed responses to the consultation will be used to make amendments to the draft Audit, and a final version will be published later in the year.
The consultation documents consist of the following:

  • 1.  Draft Housing Land Audit 2011 - Please note that Aberdeenshire is divided up into the Aberdeen and Rural Housing Market Areas.
  • 2.  Draft Small Sites 2011 - details of completions on small sites (less than 5 units) and their anticipated contribution to the land supply are detailed in this report.
  • 3.  Draft Constrained Sites 2011 - list of constrained sites within Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.  In many cases we have little information on the likelihood of constraints being lifted and it may prove difficult to judge.  Therefore, we are inviting consultees to also comment on the constrained sites and provide us with any information they may have.
  • 4.  Draft Completions List - details actual housing completions up to 2010 and programmed completions up to 2018+
  • 5.  Statement on the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Proposed Plans - details how new sites in the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Proposed Plans are included in the Housing Land Audit 2011

Please note than an online database is now available which will provide information on all sites included within the Housing Land Audit within Aberdeen City.  This database will be updated annually when an agreed Audit is finalised.

For Aberdeen City, please email any comments to, or respond it writing to:

  • Louise MacSween
    Planning and Sustainable Development
    Aberdeen City Council
    9th Floor St Nicholas House
    Broad Street
    Aberdeen AB10 1GY

For Aberdeenshire, please email any comments to, or respond in writing to:

  • Sarah Shaw
    Planning and Environmental Services
    Aberdeenshire Council
    Woodhill House
    Westburn Road
    Aberdeen AB16 5GB

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