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Option 11 Bookings and lettings consultation (CLOSED, ARCHIVE CONSULTATION)

Option  11Haudagain Option 11


The main features of Option 11 are alteration of the existing roundabout at Haudagain to form a signalised junction and the rail bridge on Mugiemoss Road would be widened and a realigned dual carriageway constructed on Mugiemoss Road to the roundabout on the south side of Persley Bridge. A new dual carriageway link road is proposed to connect North Anderson Drive (the southern arm of the roundabout) with Auchmill Road (the western arm). This link road would also provide access to the proposed regeneration area at Middlefield and an opportunity for any potential commercial development to access the road network. The junctions for this link road would be traffic signal controlled. Pedestrian, cycle and public transport facilities have been developed as part of this option. The cost of the proposal would be around 23million.

How it would operate

In traffic operating terms the link road relieves the existing Haudagain roundabout of a dominant right turning movement from Auchmill Road to North Anderson Drive and the left turn from North Anderson Drive to Auchmill Road. This frees up the Haudagain to be signalised and operate with the high level of control attributed to signal controlled junctions. This would remove some of the current indecision and driver frustration at the existing roundabout. Widening and realigning Mugiemoss Road would allow two lanes to move from North Anderson Drive to Mugiemoss Road without having to merge into one lane which is currently a problem.  Whilst the new link road provides an opportunity for any potential commercial development to access the road network it does not accommodate the same scale of development as Option 5. In the short term, to achieve the greatest benefits of this option, it is recommended that no development take place off the link road before the AWPR is available.

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