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Factors Considered Bookings and lettings consultation (CLOSED, ARCHIVE CONSULTATION)

Factors considered in developing Options

Improvements at Haudagain can be taken forward independently of any other transport projects but have been developed within region wide plans for transport that include:

  • Bus priority measures 
  • Park and ride facilities 
  • Strategic road improvements 
  • Local and strategic rail improvements 
  • Freight
  • Airport and harbour improvements 
  • Cycling and walking improvements

All these factors, including the potential traffic relief from the proposed Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, have been included when testing future year performance of any junction improvements. Testing has also been undertaken with 15 years growth and with existing rat running traffic that currently impacts on the local area re-routed back through the Haudagain junction. The appraisal process to date has concluded that to meet the objectives a Third Don Crossing is required to be in place as an integral part of the solution. An estimate of the Middlefield regeneration development content has also been included based on work to date on the Masterplan.

Appraisal Process

The STAG appraisal process is used for assessing projects involving strategic trunk roads and information on the process can be found at the following link:

Transport Scotland
STAG Planning and Appraisal Process

The Haudagain STAG is now well into the detailed appraisal process and aims to complete this STAG Part 2 element of the process in June 2008. This consultation is intended to provide sufficient information for the public to be able to comment on the options available. Feedback from the consultation will be incorporated into the STAG appraisal and may influence any future decisions on an optimum option.

Local Objectives

Local objectives were agreed by stakeholders for determining and sifting options in the first part of the STAG appraisal and are detailed below for your information:

  • to reduce congestion and unreliability by improving and sustaining base year 2004 journey times for commercial and public transport traffic until 2027   
  • measures must minimise the risk of transport related accidents especially for vulnerable users in the vicinity of the junction to improve on 2001-2004 casualty levels   
  • to make socially-inclusive and healthy transport modes more attractive to use, including cycling, walking and public transport measures to be promoted in all measures   
  • to minimise traffic induced severance on communities by ensuring measures do not have a significant detrimental impact on 2004 walk time accessibility   
  • to contribute to the City Council’s regeneration aims by complementing the development of the Logie/Manor area of Middlefield

Government Objectives

The options further require to be tested against government appraisal objectives, which are:

  • environment   
  • safety   
  • economy    
  • integration   
  • accessibility and social inclusion

In addition the study must report on:

  • Implementability   
  • Costs to Government   
  • Risk and uncertainty   
  • Monitoring

Options Under Consideration

The sifting process resulted in the rejection of a number of schemes that did not meet the objectives. Those that best met the objectives were taken forward to the detailed appraisal process. The three options now under detailed consideration are:

  • Option 5 - New Link Road between North Anderson Drive and Auchmill Road   
  • Option 11 - New Link Road between North Anderson Drive and Auchmill Road with traffic signal control at Haudagain and 
    Mugiemoss Road widened and realigned.    
  • Option 12 - Larger Roundabout at Haudagain and Mugiemoss Road widened and realigned

Note: Each option contains measures for walking, cycling and public transport. It should be noted that each of these options requires a Third Don Crossing to be in place as an integral part of the solution.

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