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Bus Information Strategy Consultation Bookings and lettings consultation (CLOSED, ARCHIVE CONSULTATION)

In accordance with the Transport (Scotland) Act 2001 and the Aberdeen Local Transport Strategy 2008-2012, Aberdeen City Council (ACC) is developing a Bus Information Strategy for the City. During January and February 2010, we held an open consultation with members of the public and stakeholders on the state of existing bus information provision within Aberdeen, receiving almost 1000 responses. The results of this process have been combined with a best practice review and in-depth research on all forms of currently available information in Aberdeen to prepare a Draft Bus Information Strategy, which is now available for public consultation.

The Draft Strategy outlines the Council's vision for improving the quality and availability of bus information in Aberdeen, with the ultimate aim of making such information as accessible and comprehensive as possible to all residents of, and visitors to, the City. It describes a series of improvements to be made and identifies maintenance that is required and who is responsible for each element of this. The Council is committed to working in partnership with bus operators, Nestrans and Aberdeenshire Council to achieve the aims and objectives of the Strategy.

The results of this survey were then combined with a review of existing information available in the City and research into best practice in terms of information provision in order to formulate a Draft Aberdeen Bus Information Strategy. Following approval from the Council's Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure Committee in November, the draft was released for public and stakeholder consultation from November 2010 to January 2011. During this time, a total of 6 comments were received. These comments, as well as a response to each of these from Aberdeen City Council, can be viewed below:

A final draft Aberdeen Bus Information Strategy will be presented to the Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure Committee on 15 March 2011 and, provided the Committee approve the document, the Strategy will be officially launched in April. 


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