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Bookings and lettings consultation (CLOSED, ARCHIVE CONSULTATION)

Aberdeen City Council currently has two different systems in operation for hiring facilities by external groups and organisations.
One system, the Educational Lettings Policy, covers the hire of facilities in educational buildings.

The other system, for sports bookings, covers the hire of a range of indoor and outdoor sports centres and facilities operated by the council.

A review of the booking and letting policies and procedures was undertaken in December 2007. The result of this review indicated a need to standardise the two systems.

At the Full Council Committee on 13 February 2008, as part of the Sports Transformation report, 10 recommendations were approved for the review of bookings and lettings with the overall recommendation to have one single integrated booking system for all the facilities.

The other recommendations highlighted the requirement:

  • to rationalise the number of buildings available for hire
  • to standardise the charges for the hire of facilities
  • to base the charging policy on the type/category of facility
  • to develop a charging policy which defines user categories and priorities
  • to standardise quality assurance requirements of groups applying for facilities e.g. coaching qualifications, insurance

User groups had the opportunity to receive detailed information and discuss any impact the proposed changes might have on their groups.

Two open consultation meetings were held:

Times and venues

  • Tuesday 12 January 2010 - Northfield Academy, Assembly Hall, Granitehill Place, Aberdeen 7pm – 9pm.
  • Wednesday 13 January 2010 - Beach Ballroom, Northern Lights Room, Beach Promenade, Aberdeen 7pm -9pm.

There is still the opportunity for feedback from individuals and organisations until 2 February 2010 by emailing