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Access from the North - Consultation 2009: Integrated Transport Solution - CLOSED, ARCHIVE CONSULTATION


The objective setting and the development of future options was undertaken, broadly following the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) processes and procedures. The study was developed to meet the objectives set out in the Local Transport Strategy to develop solutions to the existing problems, bearing in mind existing infrastructure commitments and the emerging Structure Plan. The Council will continue to progress urban infrastructure projects aimed at removing pinch points throughout the City. Where such projects are implemented, the emphasis will be on securing further improvements that prioritise the benefits delivered to more sustainable modes such as walking, cycling and public transport use. The Access from the North Proposals (3rd Don Crossing) is a case in point here.

Case Study - Access from the North

At present, there are considerable congestion problems for travellers wishing to cross over the River Don. Over the past few years, the Council has been considering methods of improving access from the north of the River Don to the remainder of the City. As a result of these studies, the Council is committed to the development of the Access from the North Proposal (Third Don Crossing). It is recognised that this proposal is part of an integrated transport solution that improves access to and from the north of the City, and that supports national, regional and local policy objectives for modal shift and reduced levels of car use. To assist in this, the Council will progress an 'Access from the North' Study (An Integrated Transport Solution), examining how walking, cycling and public transport improvements or priorities can be 'locked in' or optimised through this scheme.

The objective of this study has been to identify a package of integrated transport measures that will improve access from the north to the City Centre, from the sea to the Haudagain Roundabout junction. Measures have been identified to reduce journey times and minimise congestion for all traffic, with a particular focus of attention on developing sustainable transport opportunities including public transport, cycling and walking. The package of measures has taken into account on-going Council commitments, including the following:

  • Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route
  • Haudagain junction Improvements
  • A90(N) - relocation of Bridge of Don Park and Ride
  • Access from the North - 3rd Don Crossing
  • A96 Park and Ride and associated bus priority measures
  • Berryden Corridor Improvements
  • Core Paths Plan
  • Cycling Strategy

The drawings presented include measures for the following:

  • Pedestrians (e.g. crossing facilities, footways, core paths linkage)• Cyclists (e.g. linkages with national, regional and local routes, priority/shared use lanes, both on and off road where appropriate, advanced stop lines, new routes)
  • Public Transport (e.g. priority lanes, priority technology, facilities to encourage/support new routes, opportunities to enhance existing routes, enhanced linkage with Park and Ride facilities)
  • Infrastructure improvement projects that demonstrate journey time improvements and congestion reduction, particularly for public transport and strategic trips, including goods movement

The drawings show short to medium term measures and medium to long term measures. Short to medium term measures can be considered for implementation prior to the introduction of major infrastructure improvements such as Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, Haudagain junction improvements, 3rd River Don Crossing and Berryden Corridor improvements. Medium to long term measures could be considered complementary to the major infrastructure improvements identified above and would be in addition to the short to medium term measures.

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