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Forum on discrimination

Have you experienced discrimination?

Are you interested in equality issues and how this affects your community?

Would you also be keen to learn more about working with your local media in order to change the coverage your area of concern is getting?

Then come along to this FREE event in Aberdeen.Venue to be confirmed. Date to be week starting Monday 6th June 2005, 10am - 4.30pm.

The Forum on Discrimination (FonD) is a project of the Scottish Civic Forum. It promotes equal opportunities through a large network of organisations working together to tackle inequality and discrimination. We are focusing on issues best addressed collectively, such as the role of the media and promoting mainstreaming of equal opportunities (i.e. encouraging organisations, businesses and authorities to have an overall approach and strategy to all types of equalities).

For the last three years a steering group with around 40 members has been taking the project forward. Membership is very diverse: religious groups, the civil rights movement, groups for the elderly, disability organisations, gender and LGBT-groups are just some examples. Our way of working is simply to bring people together to discuss possible solutions to common problems. We believe that "Change happens when people who do not normally speak are heard by people who do not normally listen" (J D O'Brien).

The aims of the three-year project are that more under-represented equality groups will have a greater understanding of anti-discrimination and equality issues and that these groups will have increased communication, networking and media presentation skills. Ultimately we hope that an increased number of groups will be able to engage and participate in policy and legislative issues.

Last year we held six successful events with people working with grass roots groups all over Scotland. This year we want to ask the people in Aberdeenshire, the West Highlands and Western Isles, North Highlands and Inverclyde/Renfrewshire/Ayrshire what their concerns are and to identify some action points to bring forward.

We hope to do this by engaging in constructive dialogue with a range of different people who care about their communities. In addition, Nick Bibby, who is a freelance journalist and trainer, will be holding a three-hour practical media training session in the afternoon. We do this because we think it is important to focus energy on what can be done about things and not just do the usual "armchair complaining"!

You are therefore warmly welcome!

Agenda for the day
10.30 am Registrations and tea/coffee
11.00 am Welcome and introduction to Forum on Discrimination
11.15 am Workshops on your experiences of and concerns about discrimination and what can be done about it.
1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Introduction to media session
2.10 pm How the media works, who does what
2.30 pm Group discussions on problems and previous involvement
3.00 pm Writing a release and approaching the right person
3.45 pm Break
4.00 pm From Press Release to Story
4.30 pm Questions & answers
5.00 pm Close