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Aberdeen City Council (Cemetries) Management Rules 2005

Notice is hereby given that in exercise of its powers under Section 112 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, Aberdeen City Council ("the Council") intends to make new Management Rules in respect of all cemeteries under the control of the council.

The purpose of making new Rules is to clarify and amend certain aspects of the existing Management Rules in respect of cemeteries, the principal changes being as follows:

  • Provision for siting soil boxes for adjacent graves on top of lairs, where required and subject to precautions being taken to protect the lair;

  • Provision for work on monuments being carried out only by masons registered under the Council's Monumental Mason Registration Scheme, with provision in respect of the Scheme.

The new Rules will supersede the existing Management Rules, which will be revoked.

The rules are also available for public inspection at The Point, St Nicholas House, Broad Street, Aberdeen between 8:30am (10:00 on Tuesdays) and 5:30pm (6:30 on Thursdays) on weekdays, and between 10:00am and 1:00pm on Saturdays.

Before making the new Management Rules, the Council shall consider any objections received timeously and shall give objectors the opportunity of being heard in relation to their objections.

Objections must be received by the Corporate Director for Legal and Democratic Services, Town House, Aberdeen, AB10 1AQ, not later than 5:00pm on Monday 25 April 2005.