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A96 Park and Ride/Dyce Drive Link Road - CLOSED, ARCHIVE CONSULTATIONS

Aberdeen City Council's Local Transport Strategy includes the commitment to provide a Park and Ride Car Park on the A96(T) which aims to encourage the use of sustainable transport on one of the main corridors to the north of the city. The proposed location of the Park and Ride is particularly important given its proximity to both the A96(T) as well as the proposed Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR). In addition to the Park and Ride facility it is also proposed to construct a new dual carriageway Link Road between the A96(T) and the Dyce Drive/Argyll Road junction. This Link Road will not only serve as an entrance and exit to the proposed Park and Ride but, together with the proposed Park and Ride, will also help alleviate some of the severe congestion which is currently experienced in this area.

A plan of the proposed Park and Ride and the proposed AWPR is available here: A96 Park and Ride and AWPR
A plan of the proposed Park and Ride layout is available here: A96 Park and Ride Layout Plan

The Council must seek approval from the Planning Authority and therefore must submit a Planning Application. As part of the new planning regulations, a pre-application consultation must be undertaken to allow interested parties to make comment upon the proposed application. These comments will be summarised into a report that will be submitted to the Planning Authority. A public event was held at the Carnegie Hall, in Dyce on the 19 February 2010.

Alternatively, you can arrange to view plans at St Nicholas House, Broad Street, Aberdeen by calling 01224 522410. If you have any comments you can email:  A96 Park and Ride or write to

Aberdeen City Council
Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure
Roads Design
Marischal College
Broad Street
AB10 1AB

The consultation closed on Friday 26 March 2010. Please note that in accordance with the current planning regulations, comments made at this time are not direct representations on the Planning Application. When the Planning Application is submitted any formal representations on the application itself should be made to the Planning Authority after submission of the application. It is our intention to submit the application as soon as it is practical.