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Amended Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils - Consultation

Community councils are elected every three years to find out, co-ordinate and express the views of local people to the council and other public organisations working in the area.  They are made up of people who live in local areas. As a council, we must consult community councils on planning applications.

Community councils are set up under a scheme called the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Aberdeen which shows:

  • the area each community council covers
  • how the community councils should operate and
  • how community councillors should be elected

 A Special Meeting of Council on 4 April 2012 agreed for the Amended Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Aberdeen to be advertised in the local press and documentation made available to allow members of the public to make representations on the Scheme.

As part of the initial consultation exercise, two changes to the boundaries between Community Councils have been requested which are outlined below.

  • Cove and Altens Community Council have queried a section of their boundary with Nigg Community Council. Cove and Altens Community Council thought that the boundary between the two Community Councils was Wellington Road but this has not happened in the section between its junction with Souter Head Road and Hareness Road. As a result a small area of Altens Industrial Estate has been included in Nigg Community Council area. Nigg Community Council has accepted the change to the boundary.

Representations are requested from members of the public on this boundary change. If no representations come forward during the consultation period then it will be deemed that the change has been accepted.

  • Bucksburn and Newhills Community Council requested that the area of Stoneywood, which is an area that runs into Bucksburn be included into their boundary. This area is currently within the Dyce and Stoneywood Community Council area and no agreement has been reached between the Community Councils.

Representations are requested from members of the public on this boundary change. It is important that where there is no agreement between the Community Councils that residents living within the areas have a chance to state which Community Council they feel Stoneywood would be better represented from. This would be by looking at the location of Stoneywood and deciding whether it sits better within the Dyce area or Bucksburn area.

As part of the initial consultation period, a boundary change between Old Aberdeen and Froghall Community Councils was advertised and accepted. The main change was for the Spital area to transfer into Old Aberdeen Community Council and for the area around Sunnybank Park to transfer into Froghall Community Council. As part of the process the boundary has to be clearly defined which both Community Councils have agreed to assist with.

Included in the report that was before the Special Council Meeting was a decision made by the Council’s Corporate Policy and Performance Committee which was:

 “That a term restraint should not be imposed for Community Council office bearers”.

The current Scheme and the one that has been out for consultation already contained a section stating that the Chairperson of Community Councils would only be allowed to hold the position of Chairperson for two successive terms and then would have to stand down from the position. As Community Council members are elected every three years then this would have meant that a Chairperson could have held the position for a maximum of six years.

The decision to not have a term restraint could mean that any office bearer could hold the position for as long as they are elected onto the Community Council. However this could still be challenged by members of the Community Council and residents living in the area if they felt that it was necessary for any office bearer to step down. This would be done through a motion to the Community Council.

Representations are requested from members of the public on the contents of the Scheme and in particular to the decision to not impose a term restraint on office bearers.

The consultation process commences on Monday 9 April and closes on Friday 1 June. All representations should be made in writing to:

  • Karen Riddoch
    Community Council Liaison Officer
    Legal and Democratic Services
    Town House
    Broad Street
    Aberdeen, AB10 1AQ
    Tel: 01224 522723

Download a copy of the Amended Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.

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