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Welcome to Aberdeen!

A view of Aberdeen from the Bridge of Dee Aberdeen is a lively, cosmopolitan city located in North East Scotland, famous for its beautiful architecture and as a gateway to Scotland’s spectacular castle and whisky country.

Since the 1970’s, the city has been the hub of the UK’s energy industry and has enjoyed a high quality of life and low unemployment.

Working in Aberdeen, you will discover that the city offers a great range of opportunities from its vibrant sports and social scene, its cultural events calendar,and its world renowned research and education institutes, to its network of business and employment support services.

We’re sure you will have a rewarding experience here and look forward to helping you choose Aberdeen as your new location.

Employment Opportunities

  • Jobcentre Plus
    Ebury House
    14 Dee Street
    Tel 01224 618000
    Opening Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9.00 am-5.00pm
    Wednesday 10.00am-5.00pm

Employment Agencies

There are a large number of employment agencies in Aberdeen. These agencies promote both permanent and temporary vacancies. Details of all local agencies can be found in the Yellow Pages telephone directory under Employment Agencies, or you can visit the Yellow Pages online.

Your Rights and Obligations

Workers Rights

All people eligible to work in the UK have workers rights. Information on these rights in relation to hours of work, pay entitlement, equality in the workplace etc. can be obtained from The Department of Trade and Industry.

The current national minimum wage for employees over 21 is £6.19 per hour, workers aged 18 - 20 £4.98 per hour, and workers aged over 22 can be paid £4.60 per hour for the first 6 months whilst on an approved training programme.

Workers do not work for more than 48 hours in any week unless they agreed in writing to these conditions with their employer prior to the work being done. Always read a contract thoroughly and do not sign anything until you have had time to read/ understand it. Do not start work without agreeing terms and conditions.

National Insurance

All employees within United Kingdom require National Insurance numbers. National Insurance numbers can be obtained from:

  • Jobcentre Plus
    Ebury House
    Dee Street,

Health & Safety at Work

The main aims of the Health and Safety Executive are reducing risks and protecting people. If you are concerned with a Health and Safety issue within your workplace you can confidentially contact the Health & Safety Executive language service. Assistance of interpreters will be available by telephoning 08701 545500.


Before moving to Aberdeen you will need to arrange accommodation.

Accommodation provision falls into 4 main categories:

  • Temporary Hostel Accommodation
  • Bed & Breakfast/Hotel
  • Rented Property - you can view our rental properties by going to
  • Private Property

Temporary Hostel Accommodation

Accommodation is most readily available during summer months in university property.

  • University of Aberdeen
    Johnstone & Crombie Halls
    Tel 01224 273444
    £18.25 per night Bed & Breakfast
  • Hillhead Halls
    Tel 01224 274000
    £48.00 per night Bed & Breakfast (Sleeps 4)

Aberdeen Youth Hostel
Tel: 0870 004 1100.  £10.75 - £12.75 per night Bed only

Bed & Breakfast

Available in family run homes. Prices can range from £20 - £40 per night. Details of bed & breakfast establishments can be obtained from the local Tourist Information Centre, Union Street, Aberdeen, telephone 01224 288828, or within the local Yellow Pages telephone directory under Bed and Breakfast.

Rented Property

Aberdeen City Council let properties right across the city and have a stock of over 22.656 homes.

You can find more information on how to apply for a property by following the link below:

Private Sector

Private landlords tend to let part or fully furnished properties. There is a wide range of properties available in Aberdeen ranging from one bedroom flats to mansion houses. One bedroom flats are available from £300 - £600 per month.

Private landlords usually require one month’s rent in advance plus a security deposit. Information of property for let can be found at the Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre, Chapel Street, Aberdeen, telephone 01224 632949, in the local press or by contacting one of the letting agents.

Private Property

This is best sourced through

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