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About Us and Local Information

Aberdeen: The Smarter City

Our Vision is for Aberdeen to be an ambitious, achieving, smart city. We will ensure all citizens are encouraged and supported appropriately to make their full contribution.

  • We will build on and go beyond our powerful energy position to gain recognition as the UK's intelligent business city.
  • We will define the image of an international 21st century energy city, leading a new leaner, cleaner industrial revolution using the intensity of our social, business and community connections.
  • At the centre of the vision lies the concept of 21st century sustainable living. This will require smarter connections both within Aberdeen and to the world beyond. We will take a European lead in adapting new transport and communication technologies to make this possible.
  • We will help every citizen to improve their knowledge and skills, together contributing to our success as a learning city.
  • We will embrace the distinctive pride the people of Aberdeen take in their city and work with them to enhance the sense of well-being here, building strong communities which look out for, and look after one another.
  • We will challenge inequalities wherever they exist and bring our communities closer together.
  • We will promote Aberdeen as a great place to live, bring up a family, do business and visit.
  • We will ensure that Union Street regains its position as the heart of the city and move cultural activity centre-stage through re-invigorated cultural leadership.
  • We aim to leave a legacy which will make compelling reading in a new chapter in the history of Aberdeen and we aim to do this with one voice.
  • We recognise that Aberdeen is stronger now and will be stronger in the future economically, politically, and socially as a partner within the United Kingdom.
High-level priority
We will seek to develop a sense of community in Aberdeen based on principles of openness, fairness, reciprocity and responsibility.
We will encourage and support citizens to participate in the development, design and decision making of services to promote civic pride, active citizenship andresilience.

SMARTER LIVING (Quality of Life)
High-level priority
We will enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing of all our citizens by offering support and activities which promote independence, resilience, confidence and self-esteem.
We will work with our partners to seek to reduce the levels of inequality in the city.
We will improve access to and increase participation in arts and culture by providing opportunities for citizens and visitors to experience a broad range of high quality arts and cultural activities.
We aspire to be recognized as a City of Culture, a place of excellence for culture and arts by promoting Aberdeen as a cultural centre hosting high quality and diverse cultural events for the whole community and beyond.
We will promote and improve opportunities for physical activity and sport to enable Aberdeen's citizens to lead more active, healthier lives.
We will provide quality services to our council tenants to enable them to have a dry, warm home in a safe and enjoyable environment.
We will use early intervention to help people to sustain their tenancies.

SMARTER PEOPLE (Social and Human Capital)
High-level priority
We will provide a high quality education service within our schools and communities which will improve attainment and life chances of our children and young people to achieve their full potential in education, employment or training.
Working with our third, public and private sector partners, we will provide opportunities for lifelong learning which will develop knowledge, skills and attributes of our citizens to enable them to meet the changing demands of the 21st century.
Again, working with partners, we will create a City of Learning which will empower individuals to fulfil their potential and contribute to the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of our communities.
We will aim to have a workforce across the city which has the skills and knowledge to sustain, grow and diversify the city economy.

High-level priority
We will design and construct all new infrastructure to be energy efficient by maximising the use of low carbon technology and materials. We will use recycled materials where appropriate.
We will increase energy efficiency and introduce carbon reduction measures in our processes and our housing and non housing assets to reduce our carbon footprint, save money and to bring people out of fuel poverty.
We will manage waste effectively and in line with UK and European legislative requirements by maximizing recycling and reducing waste to landfill, thereby reducing our costs and carbon footprint.
We will provide a clean, safe and attractive streetscape and promote bio-diversity and nature conservation. We will encourage wider access to green space in our streets, parks and countryside. 

SMARTER ECONOMY (Competitiveness)
High-level priority
We will improve access to affordable housing in both the social rented and private sectors, by supporting first-time buyers, regenerating areas within the city and by working with developers to maximize the effective use of developer contributions.
We will invest in the city where that investment demonstrates financial sustainability based on a clear return on investment.
We will work with partners to promote the city as a place to invest, live, work and export from.

High-level priority
We will develop, maintain and promote road, rail, ferry and air links from the city to the UK and the rest of the world. We will encourage cycling and walking.
We will maximise digital connectivity to ensure equal opportunity of access to services for all people.
We will maximise digital connectivity to promote and develop business growth in the city.
We will provide and promote a sustainable transport system, including cycling, which reduces our carbon emissions.