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What support do Councillors receive?

The Members Support Team support Councillors in their busy roles by helping them to run their offices and prepare for meetings and events. The team helps Councillors with the following:

  • Administrative support (Non-Party Political)
  • Arranging Members Surgeries
  • Registering of Members' Interests and Gifts and Hospitality
  • Research, information, guidance, advice and protocols
  • Providing training on Council systems
  • Arranging travel and accommodation
  • Preparing and submitting travel expenses

Once you are elected as a Councillor, you will be assigned a dedicated Members Support Assistant and they will meet you to discuss your support needs.

Training and development

The Organisational Development team look after the development and training of Councillors. The development offered to each Councillor will be tailored so that it is relevant to the person, their skills and their role. The development that we offer will support the profiles of the roles that a Councillor might undertake, as identified by the national Improvement Service for local government in Scotland.

The Organisational Development team will contact newly elected Councillors individually to discuss your continuing professional development needs. This is likely to be after the summer recess; however you can contact the team directly if there are specific areas you wish to discuss before that.

You will also have access to training and development sessions that are open to other Council employees, so you can take part in any sessions which are of specific interest to you.

We can deliver training and development in a variety of different ways including one to one sessions and online courses as well as the more traditional methods to suit different learning preferences.

The Improvement Service

The national Improvement Service for local government in Scotland works with Councils and partner organisations to help improve the efficiency, quality and accountability of local public services in Scotland by providing advice, consultancy and support. Their purpose is to help councils improve the health, quality of life and opportunities of all people in Scotland through community leadership, strong local governance and the delivery of high quality, efficient services.

The Improvement Service carries out specific work on Councillors and their professional development. See their Learning and Development web pages for more information.

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