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Strategic Planning

The nature of local government in Scotland means that Councils and Councillors operate within a complex planning and decision making environment.

Aberdeen City the Place

The development of the City of Aberdeen over future decades requires long term planning. And for many key issues, such as transportation and economic development, it is important that joint planning across the wider region of North East Scotland is in place. To make and then deliver long terms plans Councils, necessarily, have to work with a large number of partners including communities, government, private sector, as well as other agencies.

Aberdeen City Council

As well as working to develop Aberdeen as a place, the Council also has to operate as an effective organisation, planning and delivering vital services on a daily basis to customers, supporting thousands of staff and making best use of resources.

Strategic Planning Framework

Regional Economic Strategy

The Regional Economic Strategy provides a vision and strategy for the future of the North East of Scotland's economy. It acts jointly as an economic strategy for the region and ensure a long term commitment to a range of priorities and objectives across partner organisations to maintain and grow our economy. There are four key strands to the strategy:

  • Investment in Infrastructure
  • Innovation
  • Inclusive Economic Growth
  • Internationalisation

Local Outcome Improvement Plan

Community Planning Aberdeen brings the Council together with communities, business as well as a number of statutory community planning partners. The Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2016-2026 for Aberdeen City identifies how Community Planning Aberdeen will tackle key issues and ensure Aberdeen is 'A place where all people can prosper'. The 10 year plan aims to break the cycle of deprivation which exists for some communities in Aberdeen to create a cycle of prosperity through the delivery of four priorities for partnership working. Through the delivery of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan, partners will push joint resource investment toward early intervention and prevention to secure the future of our economy, people and place in all communities.

Aberdeen City Council Strategic Business Plan

The Aberdeen City Council Strategic Business Plan 2016/17 sets out the Council's priorities; sets clear and measurable objectives and targets; and shows how we intend to deliver these priorities in the short, medium and long term. The Plan is currently refreshed annually. As well as reflecting Council policy, this Plan also sets out how Aberdeen City Council as an organisation runs its business by improving customer and staff experience and by making best use of resources. This is done through our 'Shaping Aberdeen' programme.