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Becoming a Councillor

This section sets out what you need to know if you are considering standing for election or would like more information about becoming a councillor in Aberdeen City. Click on the links below for more information. A meeting in the Council Chamber

How do I become an Aberdeen City Councillor?
Check that you are eligible to stand for election and see an overview of the election process.

What skills does a Councillor need?
Find out more about the skills and experience you need for the role and the principles that all Councillors must follow.
What does a Councillor's role involve?
Find out more about the main aspects of a Councillor's role and some typical tasks.

How is Aberdeen City Council made up?
Find out more about the structure of Aberdeen City Council and how it operates.

What support do Councillors receive?
Find out more about the support, guidance and development offered to Councillors.

Other common questions about becoming a Councillor
Any more queries? Check for the answers here.

Further information

Strategic Planning
The Councillors' Code of Conduct (PDF 796kb)
Communications and media guidance
Multi Member Wards, including ward profiles with demographic information.

Useful Links

The Scottish Government: What Councillors Do
Improvement Service: How do I become a Councillor?
Electoral Reform Society: Voting systems made simple

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