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How is Aberdeen City Council made up?

Aberdeen City Council currently has 43 Councillors in 13 wards. These are known as Multi Member Wards as each ward has more than one Councillor representing it.

After the next local government elections in May 2017 Aberdeen City Council will have 45 Councillors in 13 multi-member wards. The Council Administration is a coalition of Labour, Conservative and Independent Councillors. The chart below shows the current political make-up of Aberdeen City Council.

A pie chart showing the political make up of Aberdeen City Council

The current coalition Administration has published its vision for the city 2012-2017: Aberdeen - The Smarter City.

How does the Council make decisions?

The Council has a number of Committees and Sub Committees where Councillors make decisions on local issues. The Committees carry out the business of the Council and each one meets on an eight week cycle. The links below provide more information on the remit of each Committee. You can also view a diagram of the Committee structure.

The full Council meets as a body of 43 members (all Councillors) at the end of the eight week cycle. Meetings of full Council are broadcast over the internet.

Officers also make decisions that help the Council govern and provide services. The Council has delegated powers to officers to give them the authority to make decisions in its behalf. These are outlined in detail in the Scheme of Delegation.

How are meetings run?

The business of Council and its Committees is governed by the Council's Standing Orders. These are a set of rules which govern the procedures to be followed at Council and Committee meetings.

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