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Seaton Park Wetland Project



Aberdeen City Council is taking forward a project to deal with flooding issues through the creation of an official wetland in the Seaton Park.

In recent years, the park has suffered from flooding creating problems with access in certain areas and the pooling of water in other parts of the park.

For many years there had been attempts to drain the areas susceptible to flooding but the park continued to flood. As a result, a number of wetland plants are colonising and different types of birds have started to use the site, particularly the large area of standing water.

Current Flooding Areas North and South of Access Road (Winter 2014-15)

Seaton Park - Current flood areas

Scoping Study

In early 2015, Aberdeen City Council commissioned a scoping study to investigate potential wetland options for the area. This study was undertaken by CBEC eco-engineering and Walking-the-Talk and included extensive community consultation.

The results of the study were as follows:

Seaton Park Wetlands table 01

In total, there were 556 responses (after selecting a primary design, each respondent could select more than one sub-option, therefore, the total for the sub-options was greater than 556). The community consultation revealed a preference for the 'Quite Wet' option. This equates to draining the area around the sports pitch to the north side of the access road, but maintaining much of the wet area to the south. There was also a preference for a viewing platform as well as appropriate wetland planting which will help to increase biodiversity as well as visual amenity, and will also be structured in a way that will discourage children and dogs from entering areas of deeper water.

Proposed Planting Plan for Area South of Access Road

Seaton Park - Proposed planting

To facilitate the drying out of the sports pitch to the north, a new drainage system will replace the old faulty clay drainage network. New sections of path will also be implemented along with appropriate drainage measures to prevent future flooding.

This study along with its recommendations was approved by the Communities, Housing and Infrastructure committee on the 27 August 2015. The council will now continue to work with the local community and schools including the Friends of Seaton Park to help implement the design as well as get involved with looking after it.


 Latest News
July 2016

Wildflower Planting

Aberdeen City Council's Countryside Ranger Service organised the event which is adding the final touches to the exciting 90,000 Seaton Park Wetland project that has been developing over the last couple of months. The wildflower planting took place in the park, just of Don Street, on Tuesday 26 July.

Aberdeen City Council Leader Councillor Jenny Laing said:

"Seaton Park is a fantastic place for people and wildlife as the formal gardens, sports pitches and open areas provide people with a great place to relax or be active. The wetland area has been designed to help manage the water in the park and provide an attractive feature for people and wildlife. It already attracts many birds and insects but by adding the wildflowers there will be an extra splash of colour at the entrance to the park and these will be great for butterflies, bees, hoverflies, dragonflies and a host of other wildlife."

The major programme of works is embracing recent environmental changes in the park which have meant areas of flooding, and includes a man-made wetland surrounded by natural plants and a wooden viewing point.



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