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Union Terrace Gardens

*This is a one-hectare park and is located right in the heart of the city, to one side of Union Terrace, off the city’s main thoroughfare of Union Street.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a natural amphitheatre but instead a valley that has had a Victorian Viaduct built (1888) at its North end. The amphitheatre shape and the pocket park are only the covered remains of Denburn Terrace that was reduced to rubble when the viaduct was being constructed.

Union Terrace Gardens are used for occasional concerts and leisure activities as well as providing an oasis for relaxation in the city centre. On the north side is a magnificent floral crest depicting the city's coat of arms. At the Union Street end of the gardens a group of mature elms, approximately 200 years old, are a remnant of a site known as Corbie Woods. ‘Corbie’ is the traditional Scots word for ‘crow’, and indeed crows nest there to this day.

Park Details

Opening Times: 8.00am until 1 hour before dusk.

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