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It's Our City

In February 2002, Aberdeen City Council approved the creation of a multi-agency campaign to promote civic pride in Aberdeen.

"It's Our City" seeks to establish a wide acceptance among those who live, work or study in Aberdeen of their shared civic responsibilities. The long-term campaign (it is anticipated that it will continue for the foreseeable future) has as its stated purpose:

  • To create a greater feeling of belonging and a stronger sense of shared ownership of the city, by all Aberdeen people, across the various sections of the community (private, public and voluntary sectors) leading to a strong desire to accept only the very highest standards in everything we do and ask others to do on our behalf.
  • To manifest this city pride and these standards in the strongest terms, at every appropriate opportunity, thereby encouraging others to adopt these standards; and ultimately to impress visitors and investors with our pride in our city, and the quality of their experience of Aberdeen.

The campaign focuses on everyone playing a part in protecting the environment, looking after their own homes and business premises and showing respect for other people's property, and encouraging others to adopt high standards and behave considerately, so that we all become ambassadors and protectors of our city.

Not only will this have benefits for Aberdeen and its people, but it is expected to have a positive impact on visitor numbers. Research shows that visitors are most likely to return to a city when their experience of it is that the city's own community love and enjoy it, use its facilities to the fullest and are rightly proud of it.

"It's Our City" has received the backing of numerous agencies and sectors of Aberdeen's community.

The campaign will use signage and promotional materials to remind people "It's Our City" and prompt them to look after it in a host of ways.

Among the prompts are:

  • 'Bin It' Litter, cigarette ends, chewing gum, take-away packaging
  • 'Clean it' Shop fronts, arcades, car parks, doorways, buildings, bins
  • 'Remove it' Wheelie bins, A-boards, eyesores, refuse, graffiti
  • 'Repair it' Broken windows, signs, fences, walls, gates
  • 'Paint it' Woodwork, doors, bollards, fences, bins, benches
  • 'Maintain it' Buildings, surfaces, signs, shop fronts, lighting, car parks, street furniture
  • 'Plant it' Britain, Scotland & World in Bloom - community & business projects, redo the main entrances to the city
  • 'Design it' Shopfront improvements scheme, design/architectural guidelines
  • 'Secure it' Safer car park projects, design out crime projects
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