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Recent Events

  • Bon Accord / St Nicholas Centre
  • The Mall
  • ConocoPhillips
  • NHS Grampian Healthy Working Lives
  • Food Standards Agency

Safety Events

Over the past year Safer Aberdeen has hosted and been involved in a number of safety events throughout Aberdeen.  Promoting all aspects of community safety, Safer Aberdeen has worked with a number of partner agencies to highlight to members of the public and staff the number of crime reduction initiatives and campaigns currently running under the Safer Aberdeen banner.

The first safety event, which took place within The Bon Accord Centre was so popular that a number of subsequent events have been organised including a stall within The Mall during Crimestoppers Week; being part of ConocoPhillips staff safety awareness day in the run up to the festive period; working with NHS Grampian Healthy Working Lives and most recently providing a Community and Personal safety presentation to Food Standards Agency staff.

A wide variety of community safety issues are covered in these events including:

  • Safer Aberdeen initiatives e.g. Begging Boxes
  • Bar Watch 24/7
  • Weekend taxi ranks on Union Street 
  • Road Safety
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Crime Reduction including personal safety
  • Fire Safety including home smoke alarms
  • City Wardens

If you would like to find out more or would like Safer Aberdeen and partners to host a safety event within your organisation please contact:

Safer Aberdeen Programme Manager
Room 3.10 Town House
Broad Street
Aberdeen, AB10 1AQ
Tel: 01224 523367

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