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Counter Terrorism Awareness Raising

Safer Aberdeen working with Grampian Police, provides Counter Terrorism awareness raising events including Project ARGUS and Project GRIFFIN to both night time and daytime members.

In November 2009, supported by RGU:Union, Safer Aberdeen and Grampian Police held Project ARGUS and GRFFIN for all Safer Aberdeen members.  RGU:Union showed their commitment not just to their student population and staff but also to the wider Aberdeen community by offering their venue for this training.  Encouraging turnouts for both events demonstrated the positive attitude towards counter-terrorism awareness by the licensed and retail trades.

Project ARGUS

Project ARGUS is a National Counter Terrorism Security Office initiative, exploring ways to aid in preventing, handling and recovering from a terrorist attack.  It achieves this by taking businesses through a simulated terrorist attack.

This simulation provides you with a unique opportunity to both learn from and contribute to valuable lessons helping to protect you, your business and your community, whether you are a national chain or a small business.

Project ARGUS highlights the importance of being prepared and having the necessary plans in place to help safeguard your staff, customers and your company assets.


Project GRIFFIN is an internationally acclaimed Counter Terrorism protective security initiative aimed at the business, retail and commercial communities.

The aim of the scheme is to provide an understanding of, and the practical measures, that can be taken to counter terrorism and extremism in our communities.

The project provides an Awareness Day that is open to anyone involved in the security of premises, particularly security guards, facilities managers, janitorial and reception staff.

Topics covered include:

  • The Terrorist Threat
  • Suspicious Postal Packages
  • Bomb Threat Management
  • Hostile Reconnaissance

By participating in Project GRIFFIN, delegates raise their awareness of Counter Terrorism issues and equip themselves to be of assistance to the Police in the event of a major incident.

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