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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recognise a City Warden?

  • While on duty City Wardens wear high visibility yellow vests. The jacket has the words 'City Warden' or 'Senior City Warden' prominently displayed on the back. Their hats are very distinctive as they have a blue and white checked band and carry the Council crest.

How many wardens are there?

  • There are 64 City Wardens and 10 Senior City Wardens in Aberdeen.

Does the City Warden scheme cover all areas of Aberdeen?

  • City Wardens patrol all communities in the city.

What times do Wardens work?

  • City Wardens patrol from 7am - 10.30pm, 7 days a week. Additionally the Wardens will work outside these hours to deal with any relevant issues.

What authority do City Wardens have?

  • The City Wardens use their enforcement powers when appropriate and take immediate action on issues such as littering, dog fouling and rogue parking.



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