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Burial Charges

Note that unless shown, all items are exempt from Value Added Tax

Description Charges effective until  31st March 2018
1. Purchase of Lair Rights
a) Burial Lair Rights 850.00*
b) Reservation fee for Burial Lair in either Hazlehead or Newhills Cemeteries (10 year period) 100.00
c) Cremation Casket Lair Rights 395.00*
d) Administration Fee (if unused Lair sold back to the Council) 45.00
* Cost is inclusive of a memorial foundation
2. Interments
a) Burial 577.00
b) Interment of Cremation Casket or ashes in headground of a grave 136.00
c) 2nd casket interments extra 50% of appropriate fee 68.00
d) Interment of Double Cremation Casket 170.00
e) Burial of a person whose age at the time of death was less than 16 years or a stillborn child No charge
3. Testing of a lair as part of an arrangement for burial
Testing of a lair for depth for future use  109.00
4. Disinternments   
a) Disinterment of a coffin 1160.00
b) Disinterment of a casket of ashes 168.00
5. Burial Ground Records
a) Transfer of lair Rights 34.00
b) Duplicate Lair Certificate (including search) 34.00
c) Search of Burial Ground Records (as and when time permits) 12.50 per 15 minutes (includes VAT)
6. Headstones and Memorials  
Preparation of foundation for a headstone


Note that unless shown, all items are exempt from Value Added Tax


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