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Silver City Stories

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In Scotland, 2017 has been designated Year of 'History, Heritage and Archaeology'. By doing so, the Scottish Government are seeking to establish a year wherein Scotland's historic environment and past will be showcased and celebrated with a programme of activity aimed at engaging local residents and supporting and driving the nation's tourism and events sector.

Within Aberdeen there has been a positive response to, and desire for more, activity which reflects upon and celebrates the distinct history and heritage of the city. Silver City Stories is an event which aims to showcase, celebrate and debate the history and heritage of Aberdeen and its people.Taking place in 2017, the Silver City Stories programme is made of two strands:

Core Programme [Friday 30th June Sunday 2nd July 2017]
Fringe Programme [Monday 26th June Friday 30th June 2017]


Silver City Stories is being supported by Aberdeen City Council, The University of Aberdeen and Visit Aberdeenshire. There is however no defined programme and the ethos of Silver City Stories is that the city is the canvas and its people are the artists.

The programme will be created by inviting residents, artists, community groups, cultural organisations and other interested parties to develop and submit ideas, projects and activities which will showcase, celebrate and debate the history and heritage of Aberdeen. From this we hope to create a programme which will reflect the diversity and ingenuity of the city and its people.

Silver City Stories Key Aims are to:
  • Celebrate, profile and reflect upon the history and heritage of Aberdeen and its people
  • Make best use of our [many] assets and existing activities in 2017 and beyond
  • Generate new insights into, and reflections upon, the history and heritage of Aberdeen
  • Provide participants and audiences with fun and informative experiences


What support is available?

Anyone interested in becoming part of Silver City Stories will be asked to provide information on their proposed activity and a request for support. The overall budget for delivering Silver City Stories is 110,000. This funding will be available to support the delivery of new activity and/or to enhance existing activity relating to the history and heritage of Aberdeen. It includes:

Tier 1: Large Event Fund - Funding of up to 25,000 CLOSED

Tier 2: Medium Event Fund - Funding of up to 10,000 CLOSED

Tier 3: Community Event Fund - Funding of up to 1,000

Fringe Event /Marketing only Support: Where additional funding is not required to deliver activity as part of Silver City Stories, interested parties may apply to be included in the programme. This may be of interest to those already delivering related activity in the city who wish to support the Silver City Stories programme and raise awareness of their activity.


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Community Events Fund Reopened to applications 

Silver City Stories is seeking to involve all of cities communities in this celebration of Aberdeen, as such we are inviting local groups to apply for special funding for community-based events, which will be held during 2017 as part of the year of 'History, Heritage and Archaeology'.

The fund can provide up to 1,000 to an individual community group or volunteer organisation, seeking to develop an event or want to build upon an existing event to celebrate Aberdeen's rich history and diverse heritage.

Guidelines and Application forms for the Community Events Fund can be downloaded from the links below.   Please read through the criteria in the guidelines first to check for eligibility. 


The deadline for applications to the Silver City Stories Community Event Fund is Sunday 9th April 2017 12 noon.

Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

 Applications forms should be submitted by email to alternatively can be mailed to Creative Funding, Education and Children's Services, Aberdeen City Council, Business Hub 8, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB.




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