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Lively Cities Project

The Lively Cities Project

The Lively Cities (LICI) Project is a European partnership which is looking at alternative ways of strengthening communities by 'reclaiming public space for public use'. Aberdeen is one of nine cities involved in the project which has been successful in receiving funding through the Interreg IVB North West Europe programme ( The other partner cities are Mons, Tournai, Namur, Wavre, La Louviere and Louvain La Neuve from Belgium, Lille from France, Eindhoven from the Netherlands and Brighton from Britain.

The four year project is being led by the 'Association du Management de Centre Ville' (AMVC) based in Mons and the partnership will work together to analyse shared issues and to find new and innovative solutions which will benefit communities and the cities as a whole. LICI Logo The cities in the partnership all have areas which are empty or underused and although each area will be different, there are common issues to be established and shared solutions to be developed.

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Public Art and 'The Green'

Aberdeen, as a project partner, will focus on developing Public Art in the city. We hope to use the knowledge and alternative insight of partners to evaluate areas of the city, develop potential public art solutions and pilot these solutions in order to provide evidence which will inform future policy and actions.

The focus of this pilot work in the project will explore the historic 'Green' area of the city centre (,3.251953&sspn=22.719785,39.331055&z=16)

Identified within the Aberdeen City Centre Development Framework ( as an area with several issues but with the potential to significantly improve and diversify Aberdeen's city centre, officers from within Aberdeen City Council will work to assess the impact of Public Art on the area. The project will assess the use of the Green and work with the wider community to develop Public Art commissions. These commissions may be performance pieces, events or installations, with each commission fully analysed to assess any change in the use and perception of the area. It is these results which will determine whether Public Art can play in more prominent role in developing not only the Green but other areas of the city. This work will supplement the development work of the The Green Townscape Heritage Initiative and the Arts Education Teams 'Leafing the Green' project.

Time-Line Interreg Logo

The project is a four year project which has defined targets for each year. A basic summary is detailed below.

  • 2011: Develop new tools to analyse the different pilot areas within the partnership. This information will be brought together to identify shared issues and to draw up plans for the pilot tests.
  • 2012: The partnership will deliver a series of pilot tests within the project and will assess the different results. In Aberdeen's case this will be Public Art commissions.
  • 2013: The final actions will be implemented and assessed. For Aberdeen, this will see the Green play host to a series of Public Art commissions and the partnerships touring exhibition.
  • 2014: The final actions may run into the final year however the principle aim of this year will be to analyse the results and develop the final project 'tool-kit'.

How to get involved

There are several ways of getting involved in the project. We are looking for people to tell us what they think of the Green. We are looking to find out:

  • Do you spend time in The Green? If so, what do you do there? If, not, what prevents you from visiting it?
  • What do you like and not like about the Green?
  • Does the area have potential for development?
  • What would you do to improve it? 

There is a range of ways you can provide this information either visually or in writing.

  • Facebook Public Art - lici

We are encouraging residents and visitors to take a 'photo-journey' through the Green. This involves travelling through the Green and taking pictures from your phone or digital camera and loading them up along with comments to our Green Facebook page. If you would prefer the Facebook page can also be used specifically for any comments or questions. You will find our Green Facebook page at

  • Email / Phone

You can also send us your photographs, leave comments on the Green, find out more about the project or sign-up to receive our six monthly newsletter by emailing or by calling (01224) 522744.

  • Survey

Please click on the below link to take our on-line survey. This survey should five minutes to complete and your feedback will used to inform the pilot tests to be delivered in 2012.

Site Visits

If you would like to attend a site visit of the Green and receive support to create a full photographic journey or to try out our other analysis tools such as time-lapse videos, heat-mapping or observational worksheets, then please email the above email address or phone number. We are happy to work with individuals or groups and you can contact us at any time for further information.