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Local Accord Card now used to pay for laundry facilities

Aberdeen City Council provides laundry facilities to its tenants at 76 Council housing accommodation sites (i.e. Sheltered Accommodation Units and multi-storey buildings).The laundry facilities at these sites contain washing and drying machines which use a smartcard for payment which was being provided by a third party supplier. laundry1

Following notification from the previous supplier that their payment card was to be discontinued, the Councils Accord Card team started work on developing a bespoke in-house solution that used the Accord Card and its e-purse for payment.Over a 6 month period, the Accord Card team and their suppliers developed a payment solution and payment unit that uses existing Accord Card hardware and software (i.e. the application used to deliver cashless catering at the 12 local authority secondary schools).

Following the success of the pilot site, a roll-out plan was implemented to install the Accord Card readers to all 410 laundry machines across the City and to issue Accord Cards to all residents at these locations.After an 18 month period, this has now been completed and all residents at all Sheltered Accommodation Units and multi-storey buildings are using the Accord Card to pay for their laundry provision.

The process of using a local authority smartcard for laundry payment is believed to be a first in the UK and allows Aberdeen City Council to better control and improve how this service is provided to customers. Furthermore, the use of the Accord Card for laundry payment has also brought about a significant financial saving to the Council.

As this new service is within the control of the Council there are more opportunities to for improvements in customer service.This includes extending the number of locations at which people can top-up their Accord Card, having top-up machines on-site and the potential to "top-up" on-line.All of these steps make the service more convenient and accessible for the customer.



Bruce Reid, Accord Card Manager, said "We are delighted that another vital customer service is being delivered by the Accord Card team.This has been a long term project that has taken many months for the team to deliver, however, now that all locations are using the Accord Card for payment we can work with residents to see how we can further improve the way in which people use the system.This, yet again, demonstrates the value the Accord Card offers in terms of delivering a cost effective, high quality customer service to the people of Aberdeen."


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