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The Accord Card Scheme

One Card. Many Benefits. Great Discounts!

The Accord Card, Aberdeen City Council's smartcard scheme, not only provides free bus travel within Scotland, it also gives secondary school pupils access to cashless catering at all of Aberdeen City Council's secondary schools, can be used as your library membership card and carries the Access to Leisure Pass.

Whether you are 18 and want to buy a drink at a pub or 15 and want to buy tickets at a cinema, you will find the Accord Card useful as it’s a nationally recognised proof of age card. Using your Accord Card means you don’t need to carry around your passport or driving licence to prove your age.

Sport Aberdeen and Aberdeen Golf members will appreciate the Accord Card as their membership card and many young people already make good use of the many discounts and offers available via the Young Scot scheme.

What's more, all Aberdeen City residents with an Accord Card can take advantage of up to 50% discount on many activities and offers on anything from entertainment to leisure and sport under the Residents Discount Scheme.

The Accord Card team is always looking for new and exciting offers for their card holders and the latest offer available under the scheme is Pay-As-You-Go driving. Accord Card holders aged 18 and over can join the Co-Wheels car club FREE (normally a joining fee of 25 applies) and also receive 20 driving credit to get them started.

To find out more about the Residents Discount Scheme, Pay-As-You-Go driving or indeed any other benefits associated with the Accord Card visit the Accord Card website.

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The Accord Card is more than just a bus pass; here are all advantages at a glance:

  • Pay-As-You-Go driving
  • Scotland wide concessionary travel and free young person’s rail card voucher for young people aged 16-18
  • Concessionary, Scotland wide travel for people aged 60 and over and many disabled people
  • Cashless catering and vending at all of Aberdeen City Council’s secondary schools
  • Sport Aberdeen and Aberdeen Golf membership
  • Entitlement to Free School Meals
  • Library
  • Young Scot
  • Proof of Age
  • Residents Discount Scheme

 Accord Card top-ups now online for 12 secondary schools

From Wednesday 4 May 2011, parents and guardians can top-up their child's Accord Card online. This new method of top-up means there is no longer any need to give children money to take to school to load onto their Accord Card.

This safe, secure and convenient method of payment can be used by entering the Accord Card number and secondary school online. For full details and to top-up visit:


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