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List of Fairtrade Individual Pledges

This page shows the number of individual pledges that have been made in Aberdeen. Many thanks for supporting Fairtrade!

  • Make the tea or coffee I drink at home Fairtrade    Total pledges - 27
  • Switch to fairtrade bananas.    Total pledges - 31
  • Try out Fairtrade chocolate.    Total pledges - 39
  • Buy a Fairtrade product the next time I am shopping.    Total pledges - 34
  • Find out about the wide range of Fairtrade products available.   Total pledges - 27
  • Like the Aberdeen Fairtrade Facebook page.   Total pledges - 23
  • Encourage my workplace to make an organisational Fairtrade pledge.  Total pledges - 11
  • Encourage my school to investigate Fairtrade status. Total pledges - 9
  • Ask my local shop to stock more Fairtrade products.  Total pledges - 10
  • Tell my friends on Facebook about my favourite Fairtrade product.   Total - 16
  • Invite friends out for a Fairtrade coffee.    Total - 16
  • Join the Aberdeen Fairtrade Steering Group.  Total - 7

Other pledges already made..

  • Learn the Fairtrade dance!
  • Pledge to only buy Fairtrade sugar
  • Choose Fairtrade wine
  • Help on my church's Fairtrade stall
  • Teach my children about Fairtrade and why it is so important
  • Use Fairtrade cards and stationery.

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