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Fairtrade Pledge Scheme

Aberdeen has been a Fairtrade City since 2004, an award to the people of Aberdeen for commitment to Fairtrade. The award includes recognition for the many local workplaces, retailers and catering establishments selling Fairtrade products, as well as local people doing their bit to support Fairtrade.

Take the individual pledge...

Anyone can make a pledge to support Fairtrade, from switching to Fairtrade tea and coffee or trying Fairtrade chocolate, you can show you care by choosing one pledge or more from a list of Fairtrade options in the Aberdeen Fairtrade Individual Pledge.

Take the organisation pledge...

Local businesses, workplaces or community groups can outline their commitment to Fairtrade in the Organisation Pledge scheme which will provide certification to local Fairtrade supporters making the pledge to:

Support Fairtrade in our Organisation

If you would like to make a pledge, please complete the form below. All those signing up to the scheme will receive a certificate in recognition of their support for Fairtrade.

How can I support Fairtrade?

There are a number of steps businesses and workplaces can take to make a commitment to Fairtrade. To successfully achieve your Fairtrade certificate please tell us about at least one Fairtrade pledge on the Fairtrade form. Suggested ideas for supporting Fairtrade can include:

Retailers & Catering Establishments

  • Stock a range of Fairtrade products (there are over 4,500 food, drink, flowers and clothing products with the Fairtrade mark).
  • Display Fairtrade promotional material.
  • List Fairtrade items on menus.
  • Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight (held annually during February and March).
  • For larger organisations, adopt a Fairtrade policy.
  • Keep up to date with Fairtrade news locally and nationally.

Workplaces & Community Organisations

  • Use Fairtrade teas and coffees in meetings or kitchens.
  • Stock Fairtrade drinks or snacks in vending machines.
  • Raise awareness of Fairtrade among staff through bulletins, newsletters, intranet, events or displays.
  • For larger organisations, adopt a Fairtrade policy.
  • Keep up to date with Fairtrade news locally and nationally.

How can I make the pledge?

To take part in the pledge scheme simply complete the form with details on your business or organisation and information on what you are doing for Fairtrade and if you have any further plans for the future. For further information on the initiative contact

Please note: The certificate is valid for 2 years, after 2 year another application will need to be submitted and a new certificate will be issued.

Pledge your support for Fairtrade in Aberdeen

We pledge to support Fairtrade in our organisation:

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