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Environmental Analysis

Picture of hands cupped round the earth Protecting the Environment

ASSL supplies a highly regarded environmental analysis service to public and private organisations alike. Clients include:

  • Local authorities
  • Land developers
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Specialist remediation services
  • Recycling & waste management contractors
  • Civil engineers

Testing includes:

  • Airborne and traffic pollutants (NOx)
  • surface and groundwater
  • effluent and seepages
  • materials testing
  • waste disposal testing
  • contaminated land
  • plants and soils
  • fuels
  • corrosion deposition
  • heavy metal testing
  • organics

Traffic pollutants – NOx

Picture of a landfill site NOx is the term for highly reactive nitrogen oxides which are formed when fuel is burned at high temperatures, for example as a component in exhaust gases. NOx is involved in the formation of Ozone at ground level and can cause smog, acid rain, respiratory problems and is linked to global warming. The monitoring of NOx is essential to help identify and implement measures to improve air quality and public health.

ASSL offers NOx determination, SOx (sulphur oxide) analysis and VOC (compounds used as solvents, degreasers, paints, thinners and fuels) measurement, either in-house or as part of a collaboration with our partners.

We have extensive experience of analysing diffusion tubes for NOx analysis for our clients. The laboratory participates in the Workplace Analysis Scheme for Proficiency (WASP) for nitrogen dioxide tubes and the NO2 Network Field Intercomparison Exercise to ensure the validity of result.

Surface and ground waters

These waters can be samples for pollution control, source identification or valuation purposes. Investigations can relate to a specific incident, long term monitoring or to detect contamination at an early stage.

If you have or suspect a problem then ASSL can provide expertise in chemical and bacteriological analysis of environmental waters, contact us for details.

Safe disposal of waste

ASSL can test to identify wastes and to determine the extent of contamination so that appropriate procedures for disposal can be implemented. There are regulations to impose controls over the disposal of all waste materials.

Materials may be submitted by:

  • Industrial waste producers
  • Civil engineering companies
  • Developers
  • Landfill site operators
  • Local authorities
  • Regulatory bodies.

Monitoring the contamination of our land

We can carry out chemical analysis and assessment of contaminated or derelict land prior to remediation. We can screen soils for environmental impact testing and regularly take guidance from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

We can also offer analysis of nutrients and residues in organic materials. Farmers and landscapers need to have soil checked prior to moving.  This may also be of interest to organisations involved in the management of parks, gardens and playing fields, in weed and pest control or where malicious damage to soil and plants is being investigated.

Heavy Metals

The laboratory has the wide-ranging equipment and technology suitable for the testing of metals including; lead, mercury, chromium and arsenic.

Leachates (tip effluent)

Leachates are found from water courses such as streams or rivers that are either on or near to landfill sites, boreholes and treatment lagoons. SEPA imposes acceptable consent conditions to discharge effluent to water courses. We can analyse effluents prior to requests for consent from SEPA or provide analysis to support the maintenance of a license to operate.


Materials such as industrial filter cakes, foundry sands, sewage sludge, process wastes from industrial operations and contaminated soils can be examined for contaminant concentrations. Pollutants that can leach into water can also be determined. Other miscellaneous materials, such as solvents, varying in toxicity, can be tested.

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