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Agriculture Analysis and Testing

Picture of a Highland Cow ASSL has the reputation of being a leading provider of agricultural analysis in the North East of Scotland. We can advise on the Agriculture Act (1970) and associated European Community legislation.

Animal Feeds

We can check statutory statements and analyse nutritional, vitamin and mineral and undesirable substances content. Vitamins can decay over time or during processing. It is essential that animal feeds contain minimum declared levels, even after storage.

Some feed components are beneficial to some animal species but are harmful to others. We can identify whether a particular animal feed is suitable for its intended use.

If animals eat something containing heavy metals, or some other undesirable substance, it is retained in the animal's tissue or meat. If this is eaten by humans it can build up in the body and cause damage. It is therefore essential that feed is checked to comply with the compositional requirements laid down by legislation for the safety of both animals and humans.

Feed Production

We can work closely with feed manufacturers, analysing samples, to ensure that feed production processes are operating effectively.

The levels of additives present can be checked to ensure that they are within the legal requirements.

There is legislation to control the composition, labeling, sampling and analysis of fertilisers. Typical analysis includes the determination of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and other trace elements.

Imported Feeds

We can test imported animal feeds and fertilisers for compliance to European Union legislation.

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