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1929 - 2009

Beach Ballroom advert from 1938 We are rapidly approaching our 80th birthday and are now looking for your help.

We are compiling information, memories, pictures and memorabilia to do with the history and operation of Beach Ballroom.

The Beach Ballroom has been foremost in the hearts of Aberdonians for it's entire lifetime from it's early years, through the war, the swing era, the sixties, the seventies to the present day.

So if you were billeted here during the war, danced here through the years, met your loved ones or just remember the ballroom the way it was, we want to hear from you.

Please feel free to jot down your memories and post them in to the address below or just drop us an email.

If you are sending in photographs then they will be returned as soon as we have scanned or copied them. (Please include a return address)

We will be producing a book of memories to coincide with our birthday.

Ticket stub for The Cream and The Honeyband


We look forward to hearing from you.

Picture of the fountain in the Beach Ballroom Beach Ballroom refurbished in the 1980s

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