Who is the Public Art Tool Kit For?

The tool kit is designed to be used by any artist, organisation, community, business or developer who is interested in developing a public art project in Aberdeen City. The tool kit is the city's guiding principles for best practice and new commissioning and it is expected that any public art supported through Aberdeen City Council follows its guidance.


I have an idea for a public art project, will you fund it? 

The Public Art Fund currently carries out strategic commissions which are advertised through an open call process. Out width these commissions the Public Art Fund will not  support any proposals. Information on potential funding sources can be found via 'Stage 1 - Developing the Project' within the tool kit.


Where does public art fit within planning frameworks in Aberdeen?

Public Art is featured within both the City Centre Framework Development and Open Spaces Strategy, the Public Art Toolkit are the guidelines for any public art projects developed within these contexts.


I am a developer and would like to know more about how we I can integrate public art within a new development

Please refer to 'Stage 1' of the toolkit. If you require further assistance please contact publicart@aberdeencity.gov.uk


We are a community group who would like to work with an artist, how do we go about it?

The Public Art tool Kit covers all the stages of developing, activating and creating a project. If you would like to know more about project examples please see the Case Studies section. If you require further assistance please contact publicart@aberdeencity.gov.uk


We would like to have our project as a case study, how do we go about it?

Projects must have taken place in Aberdeen city and all case study examples will be reviewed prior to going live. All projects funded through the Public Art Fund must present a case study as part of their funding agreement. To receive an outline of case study requirements please email publicart@aberdeencity.gov.uk


Who created The Public Art Toolkit?

The tool kit was created by artist Chris Biddlecombe in partnership with Arts Development, Aberdeen City Council. The tool kit was created through a process of research and consultation with partners at both a local and national level to ensure the tool kit promoted  best practice but with a focus on Aberdeen.


I would like to hold a performance or event in a public park or open space, how do I go about it?

if you are planning to organise an event within any public park or open space within the City, you must first complete the application Parks and Open Spaces form before permission can be considered. Permission is obtained through the City Events team.



If you have any enquires in regards to this section please email publicart@aberdeencity.gov.uk