Public Art Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to develop a systematic and considered approach to developing and funding public art projects within Aberdeen. The plan will offer a range of people access to guidelines that will encourage a process of 'self developed' individual projects using good practice principles. By covering a range of general approaches this manual is intended to be a resource for:

Council officers who have a responsibility and interest in improving the public realm and quality of the built environment

Private developers and architects who are interested in creatively extending their project remits

 Any person, organisation,agency or community that wish to fund or develop proposals for public art projects in

The section entitled 'What is public art?' provides a definition of what constitutes public art within the context of Aberdeen City projects. The toolkit is divided into 4 production stages: developing; activating; creating; and after the project. These practicalities are intended to act as starting points for projects to be appropriately developed according to the complexity and nature of a project, or the previous knowledge of the 'producer'. The sections are ordered chronologically as a project may develop, but can be cross referenced to reveal how decisions and processes affect the overall creative plan. Although the scope of this tool kit has a strong focus within the Aberdeen City boundaries, the process it describes is applicable to a much broader area, allowing potential collaborations and funding opportunities for touring initiatives and projects with Aberdeen's geographic neighbours.


This Tool Kit has been developed by Aberdeen City Council's Arts Development
team in partnership with artist Chris Biddlecombe.