3.6 Project completion - concluding event


Every public art project will have a different outcome and sometimes the manifestation of that outcome may not occur at the end of the 'commission period' of the project. An outcome may be the completion of a permanent art work, a performance, a series of interactions, an exhibition, a printed or digital publication, a film, or a combination. Sometimes, the outcome can be a group of events that occur over a period of time during the commission period, at the end, or continue after and beyond.Whatever the artistic process and outcome the commission should include some form of unveiling or celebration to focus the overall project.The appropriateness of when this happens should be guided by the artist and agreed at the earliest point when outlining the project schedule. This event should be organised through the commissioner in direct liaison with the artist.

This event can:

Reveal the variety of work that has taken place throughout the project.

Re-connect and thank the community that were involved in the process.

Link with an extended local community.

Bring together all partners with the site and community.

Create an opportunity to publicise the project city wide and nationally.

Gain immediate feedback and link to a specific part of the evaluation process.

Create an interactive situation for good photographic documentation.

The project completion event should be included within the production schedule both in terms of timetable and budget - create a realistic separate fund for this event.

Invitation lists of all stakeholders, funders, local community members, councillors and the cultural community should be created - this should be an inclusive event.Depending on the type of project investigate alternative media connections and creative 'publications', beyond the local press, that may connect with the developed project ideas - consider newspapers, magazines, radio, television and digital formats. Ensure that the mail-out schedule to the community and the media, is linked to specific availability and deadlines.

As part of the commissioning management process there should be a set of completion criteria that indicate the particular agreed 'activities' have been done.This will usually have initiated the project completion event - this is followed by documentation, evaluation, legacy and maintenance discussions (see section 4).At this stage the final budget should be examined. The final artist payment will be made directly after the actual commission work is complete, the completion event staged and all expenditure agreed. It is at the discretion of the commissioner, and outlined in the contract agreement, whether the final artist payments is paid before or after the final delivery of evaluation and project documentation.