2.4 Consider the marketing / communication opportunities


Effective marketing and communication is vital for the success of a public art project or temporary event, whether your intended audience is local community, city wide, tourists or a combination. When you are producing work in the public realm good communication is extremely important to get across the projects vision, especially if your project will include public consultation, engagement, participation or celebration. A clear plan of communication can make the difference between a project being embraced and championed to ignored or forgotten.

There are several methods and tools for communicating your project and they all have several advantages and disadvantages as well as cost and time implications. Choosing which is right for your project as well as when to implement them should be considered at early stage within the planning process to ensure sufficient time to communicate properly. These tasks and responsibilities should form part of the projects Marketing and Communication Plan (2.2).


Marketing and communication plan

Drawn up advertising plan with dates for key milestones

Artwork/ images for publicity material

Collating branding (including funders)

Invitations (who, why, what and when)

Contacting the media (press, television and radio)

Social networking

Print and documentation


For further information on marketing and social networking see -

http://www.culturalenterpriseoffice.co.uk (information / marketing)

http://www.ganeaudiences.co.uk (resources /tip sheets / social networking