1.8 What is the timescale?

The project timescale will inevitably change during the period of the commission; therefore it is important to design a realistic timetable from the initiation of the concept to the stage of completion. These timescales should be realistic, knowing that all actions in the list will have a 'knock-on' effect to all the following actions.Depending on the size of the project, the interlinking of timelines may be quite complicated, so define all time stipulations at the outset and ensure communication between artists and all partners is clear (include significant commission schedule dates in the written artist brief).As a start, timescales can be listed in basic sub-sections:

  • Understand how your funding timetable relates to your project timetable
  • Developing the brief (consider publicity/marketing timetable)
  • Community and site research/consultation by commissioner
  • Advertising / sourcing an artist
  • Shortlisting (with 4-6 week submission period)
  • Interview and selection
  • Commission period - including possible community consultation (create a series of update meetings through this period - link with the evaluation process)
  • Installation / final manifestation of project
  • Completion event
  • Completion of documentation and evaluation
  • Maintenance contract period