1.9 What are the support inputs to the project?

Very few public art works occur in isolation. Many rely and benefit from associated inputs to create added value and interest - in fact connectivity with the site in this manner can be at the heart of the project's concept. Some support inputs may include:


Associated projects - the art work may be one of a number of projects that are linked through theme, site or community.This may be through a single commissioner or through a partnership of linked projects.Additionally this may be an initiative that creates a series of projects that focus on different art forms (dance, performance, writers, musicians) that may instigate new collaborative opportunities.The grouping of projects can assist in community impact, marketing and funding.

Previous projects - the art work may be linked with a project or a series of projects that are already established in the city as permanent works, or as a programmed event. The reputation and publicity attached to these works can assist the public profile development of a new project.

Education links - an education or training programme can reveal a new community, create a new approach for the artist, develop a genuine and intimate connection with the sites inhabitants, extend the audience and release other funding sources.

Planning and regeneration projects - the art work may be linked to a building project which provides a direct source of funding, direct access to other design professionals and a source to manufacture complex forms.

Lead artist or curator - as an experienced arts adviser who can act as a researcher, specialist manager and coordinator for the commissioner, and a mentor for younger artists.

Local arts development officer - as a cultural adviser and link between the commissioner/artist and other city professionals.