1.4 Who are the funders/practical supporters?


At the earliest stage of project development the management structure and how it functions should be clearly outlined - this should be a robust partnership with clear lines of communication.The key relationships being the commissioner, the artist and the funder - these roles may be combined roles depending on the nature of the project.This could be a project that is led through a private development interest, through a local authority initiative, a local business or community partnership, academic research / education, an arts organisation programme, or as an artist led project. Whoever is commissioning the project, will determine the most appropriate combination of funding sources.

There should be a definitive project leader who acts as the link between all 'project partners' that leads on the communication of all relevant information.At an early stage the 'definition' of the project must be clearly understood and agreed by all partners and a hierarchy of decision making established (this can be agreed in the commissioners brief LINK to 2.1).Understand from the funder/s what their 'criteria' is for supporting the project and ensure there is a regular update mechanism and an assessment / evaluation format that ensure that the project remains true to the initial agreement.

The need to involve key professionals who are knowledgeable in public arts and cultural management within the team is imperative - either through links with the local arts development officer or by employing a lead artist. An arts development officer can provide advice on a specific management structure for your project.