1.7 What is the budget? What is the breakdown?


It is essential to set a realistic budget plan for the project - be ambitious in your initial plans, but then be prepared to scale back and model the project so that you can afford to pay professional rates.Each project will have a variety of different management issues to consider, so it is often useful to source information about similar completed public art projects to gain an insight into possible expenditure. The local arts development officer and case studies on this site may be able to assist this process.Budget issues that should be considered include:


Management costs

Writing a Project Plan or Public Art Strategy

Managing the competition and/or the commissioning process

Arranging exhibitions or presentations

Running education and community programmes

Employing a lead artist (include selection procedure and fee)

Consultation process - managing and implementation (may also be included as part of artist process in commission costs)

Publicity and public relations


Competition costs

Artists' design fees and interview expenses (reference nationally recognised rates of pay)

Selection panel fees and expenses

Exhibition of artists' proposals

Transport and insurance of artists' proposals


Commission costs

Artists' fees and expenses - including schedule of payments (reference nationally recognised rates of pay)

Materials and fabrication

Artists travel and expenses (sometimes included in the artist fee)


Installation - including site preparation (and de-installation if appropriate)

Fees to sub-contractor's and other experts (architect, landscape architect, engineer)

Structural design, professional certification, safety and access audits

Professional fees and legal costs

General insurance, professional liability and public liability insurance

Education and community programme

Exhibitions of work in progress

Documentation and evaluation


VAT (define what can be reclaimed and by who)

Contingency (usually between 5 - 10%)


Publicity, information and launch costs

Signage and information material for artwork in situ

Publicity and public relations

Catalogue or website

Inauguration or opening event


Long-term costs

Ongoing running costs or establishing a maintenance fund/trust for set period of time

Connecting art work to a legacy/associated future programme of cultural/social projects

(See - Evaluation 4.1 for further information)