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Aberdeen City Council is committed to supporting culture through the Public Art Fund and will regularly featuring new commission and funding opportunities throughout the year. News on any future opportunities will be posted on this page of the website. To advertise your Aberdeen related public art opportunities on Public Art Aberdeen please email

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SoundSites on Radio Scotland

The Public Art Aberdeen website will be updated soon with new case studies and opportunites but in the meantime here is some news on the first Community Public Art Commissions, SoundSites.

Artist Pete Stollery:

"Soundsites is about helping us to understand more about the power of listening and to raise awareness of the many sounds there are around us that are being ignored. It's invisible in the City and there's nothing to look at out there but everything to listen to.

Using a sound mapping tool, users can upload sounds they have recorded onto the sound map, as if they were putting photos onto a social networking site. As more sounds are added the project develops into a rich database of the sounds of Aberdeen, providing the audio heritage of the future."

To see the map, find out how to get involved or any other information please go to

To here Radio Scotland's feature on the project click below



Lightspeed - Olympic Public Art for Aberdeen



Do you think you keep up with the fastest man alive?Reckon you can beat the Scottish 100 metres record? Well get your trainers on and find out!

Lightspeed is Aberdeen's Olympic Public Art Commission; it's an interactive installation celebrating the 100metre race created by artists Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman. Its 100 years since the 100metre world record was first officially recognised. Lightspeed aims to capture the excitement and energy of this iconic race, in the year that the Olympic and Paralympic games come to the UK.

Lightspeed covers 100m, with light and sound running the length of the work in 9.58 seconds, the speed of the current world record. Members of the public are challenged to run alongside the moving light, to pit themselves against the fastest person on Earth, Usain Bolt.

This promise's to be a great event for all the family, whether you want to challenge your personal best, run for fun or just come along and soak up the atmosphere.


11th June. Union Terrace Gardens off Union Street, to coincide with the Olympic Torch Relay passing through Aberdeen. 5-8pm

12th June. Sports Village, Linksfield Road, Aberdeen, AB24 5RU. Public access times 3- 4pm and 5.30 -

14th June. On the green space between Beach Boulevard and the Esplanade. 5-9pm

You can also upload your photos and videos of Lightspeed on the project's Facebook page .

News: 'Lightspeed' Aberdeen's Public Art Olympic Commission

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Aberdeen Public Art Olympic Commission is Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges' 'Lightspeed' proposal. 'LightSpeed' promises to be a visual spectacular which seeks to actively galvanize citizens in to the Olympic spirit.

This is Public Art Aberdeen's first commission to tie in with the launch of a new website which will support and promote the role of public art in Aberdeen. Public art at its best enables communities to participate in that transformation, it can change how people feel about living in or visiting that place and most importantly it can act as a tool for democratic engagement. The commission and website are in recognition of the important role Aberdeen city council see for art and culture in developing Aberdeen into a vibrant, creative and ambitious city.


Previous Work 'Enclosure' 2006 Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges

Artist's statement:

"With 'Lightspeed' we will be exploring human speed with a100 metre installation of interactive light and sound, celebrating 100 years since the 100-metre record was officially recognised. We hope 'Lightspeed' will capture the energy and excitement of the Olympics at the time the torch comes to Aberdeen, and we will be involving local communities in the development of the work."

"'Lightspeed' will tour to a number of locations in the city and we're hoping that as well as coming to see the work, people will take part in the challenge to interact with it. We are excited to be working in Aberdeen on this commission, as artists, it continues our interest in developing new strategies for working in the public space".

Robbie Coleman / Jo Hodges Feb 2012

Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges