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Our vision, priorities and objectives

Our vision for Aberdeen City

  • A vibrant, dynamic and aspirational city

Our six key priorities

  • Provide for the needs of the most vulnerable people
  • Help to ensure that all schoolchildren reach their potential 
  • Manage our waste better and increase recycling
  • Encourage the building of new affordable housing
  • Ensure a sustainable economic future for the city
  • Ensure efficient and effective delivery of services by the council and with its

Our objectives

Aberdeen City Council:

  • seeks a vibrant, dynamic and aspirational future for Aberdeen City
  • is taking a radical and fundamentally new approach to planning its future investment in the city for the next five years
  • is setting out a clear and fully-costed business plan based on six main priorities
  • is engaging with the people of Aberdeen to make sure they "Have their Say" in improving the delivery of services
  • is being open and honest with the people of Aberdeen as it plans to change the way services will be delivered in the future
  • expects that some services which its currently delivers will not be possible in the future
  • will be a leaner organisation and will seek to empower others to manage the delivery of some services
  • will encourage partnership working and active participation with individuals and organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to carry out its plan faces, along with others throughout the UK, a significant reduction in its financial resources from April next year
  • is confident that new ways of delivering services will result from improved and closer working with partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors

The city council cannot do this on its own. We will be working closely with our citizens and all of our private and public sector partners because it will be up to all of us, working together, to ensure we have robust plans to deal with the inevitable reduction in funding coming into the council from central government.

We must be clear too, that some of the services which we have delivered in the past may not be possible in the future. It is up to the whole of the Aberdeen community to think very hard about what our priorities are and to work together to ensure we have plans in place to spend our public money wisely and efficiently.

What will be the impact of what we are doing?

For citizens

  • The redesign of council services will mean focusing on a fewer number of services.
  • Citizens will be able to see what services will be provided over the five year period.
  • Services will be prioritised according to need and the available funding, with citizens having the opportunity to engage with the process of developing and revising the council's business plan.

For our partners

  • Partners will have the opportunity to input into the redesign of council services.  Engagement will develop over the five year period of the plan.
  • The redesign will mean that a number of our existing services will be withdrawn, refined or delivered differently with our partners.
  • The face of public service is changing and we need to work together more effectively to deliver public services to the people of Aberdeen.

For staff

  • Staff have a real opportunity to get involved and engage with the development and subsequent revision of the council's business plan.
  • The redesign of council services will bring many opportunities for new ways of working. This will mean working differently and doing different things.
  • The prioritisation of the services the council will deliver will create a more effective fit between staffing resource in terms of skills and numbers

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