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Aberdeen City Council Five-Year Business Plan

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Changes in the way we plan financially have been vital in ensuring we are able to rise to the economic challenge affecting the entire UK public sector.

The council has now completed year 2 of The Next Five Years Business Plan. This is a rolling five-year plan and will be updated annually.  The detailed  business plan pinpoints the priorities and essential services which the council seeks to deliver over the next five years.

You can 'have your say' on the five-year business plan by emailing your comments, views and feedback to

Priority Based Budgeting: Draft financial budget 2012 - 2013

The priority-based budget (PBB) report presents detailed savings options for the five-year business plan which was updated in February 2012.

The work carried out previously on PBB and the business plan means the council is now in the strong position to achieve a balanced budget for the 2012-13 financial year with the potential for a balanced position in subsequent years. A balanced budget is critical for financing the delivery of the council's priority services. The commitment and hard work of staff to achieve spend within the adjusted budget and manage the impact of budget constraints is commendable and fully recognised.

These external financial pressures mean substantial savings will continue to be required for several more years to fulfil the service redesign and delivery as presented in The Next Five Years. Options already approved and being delivered within the business plan equate to savings of 24 million for year 2.

The anticipated gap in funding for the 2012-13 budget has been projected as 3 million and the PBB report presents new savings options to bridge this gap in funding across the council. This represents a smaller figure than previous years however it is predicated on the savings options that have been approved being delivered.

Service options (2012-13)

Each proposed service option in the priority-based budget report is accompanied by a detailed sheet which highlights the risks, dependencies, potential benefits and financial impact of the option.

The service option sheets are grouped by directorate and can be found below.  Each sheet shows a reference number that corresponds with the relevant service option reference in the report.

Service option sheets for ongoing savings previously approved by Council in February 2011 are marked as 'for information only'.

Community Engagement Report

The  Community Engagement Report - June 2011 consists of an overview of the community engagement activity undertaken to date in support of the preparation of the council's business plan and of the responses to that engagement which have been received from key stakeholders and members of the public. This was shared with elected members in advance of the Council meeting on 15 December with an updated circulation in advance of the Council meeting on 10 February 2011 and a further update of engagement activity added in June 2011.

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